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Dr. Pray’s Books

Dr. Doug Pray has wrote two books about weight loss and the struggles he faced to change his lifestyle. You can find a brief summary of each book below. Both books are available to buy from Amazon, where you can buy the paperback or download immediately to your Kindle.

I Don't Go with Fat BoysI Don’t Go with Fat Boys

Dr. Pray himself has dealt with the roller coaster weight loss lifestyle. Since elementary school he has been on again, off again with any diet he could find. After decades of guilt and disappointment Dr. Pray set out to develop a plan for real people to lose real weight, knowing that a typical “diet” can’t work. In this book you will not find impossible guilt ridden results set forth by a skinny expert. What you will find is a successful weight loss plan from a fellow “fat boy” who loves to eat as much as you do.

“This is a must read for anyone you love who struggles with their weight. Doctor Pray’s personal triumph over food addiction is absolutely inspiring!”
-Dr. Jason M. Lord, CEO

Dr. Doug Pray has almost 15 years of professional experience coaching everyday people to meet their personal weight loss goals. He has researched and experimented with virtually every major weight loss system to hit the market in the last 45 years. He runs a successful clinic and personally coaches hundreds of people on how to control their addiction to food.

You can buy I Don’t Go with Fat Boys here.



Fat and Happy

Fat and Happy?

Many of you who read my first book, “I Don’t Go With Fat Boys – Weight Loss for People Who Love to Eat”, say how much you appreciate me sharing my story and what I have learned about the underlying causes of the unhealthy lifestyles that have created our overweight society. You say after reading “I Don’t Go With Fat Boys”, you better understand the “why” of your roller coaster weight struggle. Now you would like some practical “how tos” for successfully achieving and maintaining your weight goals and gaining health for yourselves.

I have examined the mind and behaviors of a food junkie like myself, and created strategies for me, and those like me, who find making healthy food choices difficult. My purpose in sharing this book with you is to encourage you, and let you know you are not alone in this battle. This book contains simple strategies that can help us stay our course, and answers for when we slip off-track that will help get us back up and moving forward again.

You can buy Fat and Happy? here.

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